Celebrations: June 20

June 19, 2013


· The following graduates earned bachelor's degrees, or other degrees as noted, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May: from Muskego, Sara Boeck, letters, Kevin Crisp, business, Laura Diedrich, health sciences, Erica Fellenz, master's degree in business, Lynelle Fischer, master's in nursing, Holly Flores, master's in education, Kristi Grim, master's, letters, Kelsey Hall, education, Tara Kairis, education, Samuel Kapellusch, engineering, Brian Kingsbury, arts, Angela Kuchler, health sciences, Nicole Milkowski, master's in education, Samuel Mueller, arts, Tracey Ingeborg Nickel, health sciences, Dustin Reinholtz, master's in health sciences, Stacey Robinson, education, Danielle Sager, business, Chelsea Schneider, letters, Anna Skrzyniarz, health sciences, Scott Sullivan, letters, Anthony Townsend, letters, Kyle Troeger, engineering, Ashly Witkowiak, master's in social work, Stephanie Wojtanowski, science, and Tyler Wright, business, and from New Berlin, Danielle Ackerman, science, Jami Acre, master's in social work, Alison Becker, letters, science, Kaeley Bell, master's in health sciences, Joy Berggren, social welfare, Amanda Burtnett, letters, John Cage, master's, letters, Alissa Curtis, business, Mary Easter, letters, Mary Ellis, letters, Rachel Falk, science, Sehar Fatima, science, Nicole Fischer, business, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, arts, Stacy Gnacinski, master's in health sciences, Robert Goetter, master's in business, Mrinal Gokhale, business, Matt Gonia, arts, Shannon Gonzalez, master's in human resources and labor relations, Heather Graham, letters, Kirstie Halle, business, Chelsea Howard, letters, Joseph Hren, engineering, Kyle Jacobs, engineering, Ellen Kalk, letters, Dennis Kallie, letters, Margaret Keller, business, Samuel Kessenich, business, Esther Young Kim, education, Brian Kisley, business, Ryan Kohlmeyer, doctorate, philosophy, Kassia Kostuch, arts, Sara Kuphal, arts, Laura Lange, master's in nursing, Jared Lemcke, letters, Jennifer Loeffler, letters, James Majewski, letters, Lauren Mattes, arts, Kristin McCrory, education, Anthony Nitz, business, Christina Ostrenga, education, Lauren Powell, science, Joseph Radliff, business, Terry Rupnick, education, David Schroeter, business, Jonathan Schwab, social welfare, Kathryn Sier, business, Mary Simons, health sciences, Theresa Sitter, letters, Anthony Smith, business, Elizabeth Stapleton, master's, science, Jakub Szpytma, master's in business, Dominique Tafel, business, Lauren Talatzko, science, Jamison Taube, education, Joseph Thompson, letters, Krista Wasielewski, health sciences, Samantha Weigand, education, Brandon Weiland, social welfare, Andrew Welsh, master's in engineering, Andrew Wilber, master's in business, and Abigail Yorton, business.


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