Not making the same mistake twice on schools

Oct. 19, 2010

Public Forum:

Friends of Muskego Norway Schools Action Group supports the school referendum to consolidate our elementary schools from five to three.

Approximately 20 years ago, we had an opportunity to address these serious issues including size, overcrowding, safety and maintenance. At that time, our community voted down this opportunity. Since then our middle schools and high school took priority due to student population increase.

Now it is time to get back to this original issue. We cannot make this serious mistake again. Throwing money into maintenance of old buildings instead of our classrooms is not the answer.

We are tired of our kids not being safe, rushing through lunch so gym can start, not being able to experience group learning and being crammed into small classrooms.

No more special services like reading, speech therapy, guidance and special ed working out of closets and store rooms.

We are a community that can afford to give our students and teachers a better learning environment than what we currently have. Our children deserve better technology and library service.

Computer labs are jammed into small rooms or into already overcrowded libraries. Many of these buildings cannot support the technology required for this day and age.

Art and music are at times delivered to the children on carts in their cramped homerooms, leaving little room for creativity and projects.

Enough is enough! Please, let's give our teachers and our students an environment that will enhance their teaching and learning abilities.

Why now? The loan rates are historically low and construction costs are competitive. The need will never go away and it will be more expensive to address these issues in the future.

I personally attended Lake View, Bay Lane and Muskego High. I am grateful for the taxpayers that provided me with these schools. It is now time to give back to the generations coming forth through our schools.

Please, consider and educate yourselves about the problems our elementary schools face today. I assure you, when you learn what I learned after serving on the district's Facility Study Team you will agree that these needs cannot go unmet this time.

Be proud, commit and please Invest in Kids, Vote Yes on November 2nd! It is the right time and the right thing to do.

Terri Boyer


Friends of Muskego Norway Schools


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