Mayor offers support for school referendum

Oct. 19, 2010

Public Forum:

Voting "yes" for the school referendum is not only the right thing to do but is also a smart thing to do.

The future business and residential growth of the city of Muskego could be, may already be, negatively impacted by our failure to invest in our aging schools. Future business owners and homebuyers, in particular young families, won't be impressed when they see our aging elementary facilities.

Perception is reality when prospective buyers look at our community. The supply/demand market principle is in play here. The better we, as a community, look to a buyer, the higher demand there is in the market and that translates to higher market values for all of us.

Additionally, no one would argue we have several aging schools that will be replaced sooner than later. Why not take advantage of very low bond interest and construction costs now. Postponing this project will most likely result in paying more.

The School Board and taxpayer groups studied the needs of the district over the past two years and have proposed a responsible plan that deserves your consideration.

John R. Johnson

Muskego mayor


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