Coyotes in Muskego? Therapy animals lost to attacks

Dec. 13, 2010

Michelle Alar of the Acres of Hope & Aspirations, S7138 Durham Place, wants Muskego residents to be on the alert for coyotes after the facility lost several therapy animals to coyote attacks recently.

She said she found five holes coyotes dug under an 8-foot wire fence surrounding the facility that provides a habitat for chickens, geese, ducks, peacocks, a rabbit, pot-bellied pigs, deer, a pony and cats. Members of the staff drove the coyotes off with ice picks and pitchforks.

The coyotes are not frightened by motion detector lights, Alar said, so Muskego residents should watch their pet dogs and cats at night.

Alar, who said Muskego police referred her to private trappers to get rid of the coyotes, is also appealing to the community for help. She asks anyone with suggestions to keep the coyotes away to contact Acres of Hope & Aspirations at (414) 422-4882 and/or e-mail

Acres of Hope & Aspirations is a home/farm that helps people recover from brain injuries.

The farm also needs donated funds, cages, blankets, towels, hay and straw, apples, carrots, spinach, corn and bread for the animals this holiday season.


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