Muskego businesses cited for alcohol sales to underaged buyers

Jan. 28, 2013

Muskego - A routine police check of bars and stores selling liquor turned up four businesses that gave alcohol to underage customers, but Muskego officials cautioned not to overreact to what could be a one-time spike.

In a check in October, four out of 15 establishments gave liquor to two underage customers. Four is high, said Police Chief Craig Moser. Often no violations occur in the routine alcohol compliance checks, with the max usually being two violations, he said.

Representatives of the three establishments - Aldi, W15361 Janesville Road; Sneesby's Denoon Saloon, S10857 Racine Ave.; and Jetz Convenience Center, 15461 Janesville Road - had to answer questions at last week's Muskego Finance Committee meeting. All three have pleaded guilty in municipal court and were fined, Moser said. The fourth has not gone through court yet.

However, it's too early to worry because this was just one instance, and all four violations appeared to be the result of carelessness, he said. Each looked at the required IDs, but they didn't check the birthday closely enough, Moser said.

if there's another violation, the people who served the underaged buyers could lose their jobs or the establishments could lose their license to sell liquor, he said.

Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti agreed that it's too early to worry.

"In each instance, the individual looked at the IDs but admitted they were careless," she said. "They were very apologetic."

There will be less excuse in the future for misreading ages from drivers licenses, though, Chiaverotti said. Now, those under 21 receive drivers licenses that are vertically oriented instead of horizontal, she said.

Muskego police make alcohol compliance checks three or four times a year, normally checking many establishments at once, Moser said. The young people who are the decoys are trained for the operations and live outside the city.


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