Gun club agrees to take a different aim - away from Muskego homes

March 13, 2013

Muskego officials were pleased Tuesday night to hear that the gun range at the Schultz Resort Rod and Gun Club, S8025 Schultz Lane, could be reoriented away from homes as early as this fall.

The gun club's neighbors have complained sporadically over 11 years that bullets, which they believe originated at the gun club, have ended up in their yards. The most recent incident was Nov. 18, when a resident said he and his children hit the dirt in their backyard due to gunfire.

Because the gun club has berms and other safety features to keep spent ammunition inside it, club officials say they believe the stray bullets were the result of hunters elsewhere in the broader neighborhood and not the gun club itself.

But the club has agreed to turn its range away from homes, anyway. By using soil from the Janesville Road widening project that the city has offered and other soil from contractors, the club will create two 25-foot-tall parallel berms as protection for the range's new orientation. The club also will substantially upgrade training of its members in gun safety.

To protect neighbors while the changes are enacted, the gun club will add dirt to the existing berms, pull out debris that can cause bullets to ricochet and install baffles to deflect errant rounds.


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