Charges expected against seven seniors for Muskego bus prank

June 12, 2013

Municipal charges are expected to be filed this week against seven Muskego High School seniors in connection with the air being let out of the tires of 61 school buses and graffiti on the school.

School was delayed two hours in the Muskego-Norway School District on June 6 after the Lamers Bus Company, W19247 Enterprise Drive, reported that air had been let out of one tire on 61 of its 63 school buses. Several of the buses also had "2013" written on them with window soap, police said.

Police believe it was related to an incident in early morning June 4 when several derogatory words and obscene drawings were left on Muskego High School with chalk and window soap. That was cleaned off by school personnel before school started.

Several police officers, led by the school resource officer assigned to the school, identified four MHS seniors who were believed to be involved in the incidents on June 4 and six who were involved in the incident at Lamers Bus Company. It appears that three of the seniors were involved in both incidents.

They called the incidents senior pranks, police said. The district did not say whether the students will be allowed to participate in Sunday's graduation.


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