Old weight room floor slated for fix

Muskego High former weight room returns to classroom use

April 15, 2014

Muskego — In a unanimous vote, the Muskego-Norway School Board decided Monday to fix the ailing High School weight room floor to classroom, not weight room, strength and leave the heavy lifting equipment in its temporary quarters.

Since August when the weight room floor was found to be failing, the weight machines have occupied a former study hall. However, stationary bicycles and much aerobic equipment has had to be stored because the study hall isn't big enough for both them and the weight machines.

The board had toyed with fixing the weight room floor so that the space could once again be a weight room. It also considered building a weight room addition that would not only eliminate crowding in the weight room but give room for more growth.

But both those options were bypassed at least for now because of cost and because the district has more pressing facilities needs at the elementary schools. Bringing the floor to weight room strength could cost $300,000, according to preliminary estimates, and building an addition could be in the range of $1.2 million.

"Option one is the most affordable option today," School Board President Jim Schaefer said after the meeting. "It will be made into a classroom and we can continue temporary housing of the weight room and get feedback about the next steps, if any."

"The biggest need continues to be the elementary schools and the action by the board reinforces that belief," he said.

The tentative plan is to move the Pilates and yoga classes to the old weight room, once the floor is strengthened. Then as much of the aerobic equipment would be put into room 230 where the Pilates and yoga are now, Schaefer said.

That's a bit different than the original plan which was to leave Pilates and yoga where they are and put the aerobic equipment into the old weight room. But the company that won the contract for fixing the floor strongly advised against that.

A classroom strength floor should not even be used for elliptical equipment, school officials were told, Schaefer said.

Whether the Pilates/yoga room is big enough to hold all the aerobic equipment that the old weight room held is still to be determined, said Ken Dunbar, a Muskego High School associate principal, after the meeting.

"We'll have to get the phy ed people around a table and carefully see how much is possible," he said.

There also had been concern that the school would again need the study hall for testing as early as next year. That's when the school will start giving what might be thought of as pre-ACT tests to freshmen and sophomores and when all juniors will take the ACT college entrance exam, regardless of whether they plan to enter college.

But Dunbar said there are plenty of options for giving those ACT tests.

"We won't have any problems at all," he said.

The Huntzinger Construction Co., Brookfield, was the lowest of four bidders on the weight room floor project with its bid of $77,000, said Jeremiah Johnson, supervisor of buildings and grounds.

Work will probably happen during the summer and the rooms should be ready by fall, he said.

The board could still change the tentative plan involving moving Pilates/yoga to the old weight room and putting the aerobic equipment into room 230, Johnson said. There are other options, he said.


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