Lake Denoon Middle School students take individual math championships titles

April 28, 2014

Muskego — For the first time in at least 25 years, Lake Denoon Middle School has individual champions in the Wisconsin Mathematics League State Contest.

Xiaofan Li and Sean Bruch were honored recently by the Muskego-Norway School Board. Both are fifth-graders, but Xiaofan is in a seventh-grade math class, and Sean is in sixth-grade math.

They tied for first place in the state competition, getting 31 questions right out of 35 in just 30 minutes. All they used was pencil, paper and calculator.

"They're pretty talented kids," said Lake Denoon math teacher Michael Schulteis, who has organized and coached Lake Denoon math teams for the statewide contest for many years.

While Lake Denoon teams have taken first place in three of the last five years, Schulteis said, "This is the first time we've had individual champions in the 25 or 30 years I've been doing the contest."

"It's a tremendous accomplishment that they were the best in the state," Schulteis said. They were tops out of 320 competitors.

The entire team almost took first place, finishing just one point behind the winner. Also on the team were sixth-graders Paige Thiesenhusen and Matthew Redlinger, both in seventh-grade math, and fifth graders Mitchell Salentine and C.J. Westover, both in sixth-grade math.

Lake Denoon took fourth last year, but it captured first for the three years before that.

— Jane Ford-Stewart


A sample of some of the 35 harder questions the math wizes answered in just 30 minutes on the sixth-grade Wisconsin Mathematics League State Contest:

1. Craig the Croc cried crocodile tears at exactly 15 percent of the movies he saw last year, but saw 34 movies that did not make him cry. How many of the movies that he saw made him cry?

A) 6 B) 12 C) 18 D)40

2. If two consecutive whole numbers have a different number of digits, then their product must be a multiple of:

A) 4 B) 11 C) 15 D) 100

3. (the number of sides of a trapezoid) X (the number of sides of a rhombus) + (the number of sides of a hexagon) X (the number of sides of a triangle) =

A) 24 B) 28 C) 34 D) 66

4. It takes 36 workers 48 hours to paint a ship. Working at the same rate, how many hours would 24 workers need to paint the ship?

A) 32 B) 56 C) 64 D) 72


1. A

2. C

3. C

4. D


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