New option surfaces for Muskego High School weight room

June 4, 2014

Replacing the Muskego High School weight room with a consolidated art and tech ed classroom seems to now have the inside track with the Muskego-Norway School Board.

The board seemed to favor the new idea over the previous plan which was to split weight room activities up between a study hall and a reconstructed weight room.

In August, the weight room floor was discovered to be deteriorated and to be too weak to safely hold up the weight room equipment. So, the weight machines were moved to the study hall which is on grade and the aerobic equipment such as bicycles were put into storage while a more permanent solution was sought.

Leaving the weight machines in the study hall permanently became a possibility when the School Board learned how much it would cost to make the weight room floor strong enough for them. But the floor could be made strong enough for the exercise bikes and until Monday, that split option seemed out in front of the others.

But the board liked the new classroom consolidation plan because it would be easier to supervise one weight room than having two locations and because the study hall was not ideally located being beside classrooms and farther from locker rooms. The art and tech ed rooms are both on grade.


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