Accusers did not have the facts

Feb. 24, 2009

Public Forum:

To be a fine tax-paying restaurant and hall or not to be another tree farm? That is the question.

The embarrassment caused by Suzy Link and the soon-to-be ex-alderman, Dan Pavelko, to Alderman Keith Werner and Frank Waltz is a disgrace to the city and the citizens of Muskego.

The sad thing is it appears that Link and Pavelko did not have all the facts about the transaction between Bushy's restaurant and Atonement Lutheran Church. And what difference does it make what is done with the property? It was purchased and decisions made, and that's all that matters.

In my opinion, Link and Pavelko should make a public apology to Keith and Frank in the same medias that published the embarrassing accusations. The bad part about this whole situation is they had to bring in the district attorney and waste time and money on such nonsense.

These two should look at more serious problems and have all the facts before they jump to conclusions.

Fred Korth



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