Storm downs trees in Muskego

June 22, 2010

Jerome Missiaen was in West Allis when the storms hit and decided to stay there until they passed.

When he arrived home in Muskego, where his wife and five children were waiting, he encountered a traffic backup just a block from his home on Ladwig Drive.

He saw a tree down so he parked along Woods Road and headed up his street.

"I saw my family standing in the street and my daughter said, 'Hey, dad, mom's car has the pine tree on it.' "

Missiaen had lost an old oak last Friday night in a wind storm. He was still cleaning up his yard when Monday's storm hit.

He lost at least two more trees Monday night and still had no idea how much his wife's van was damaged because it was completely buried.

Just down the road near the intersection of Ladwig and Woods Jayme Kalashian was walking around her yard in a daze.

"I'm very numb," she said, "I just want to cry and I know it's going to be worse in the light of morning."

Kalashian's entire yard was covered with branches, tree limbs and leaves. The trunk of one tree in her front yard was split down the middle almost to the base.

Huge tree limbs were on top of the house and their SUVs in the driveway.

"We heard the sirens and went into the basement and then I could hear the tress fall and feel the rumbling. When we came up all we could say was, 'Oh my God.' "

Kalashian said she and her husband and their three dogs were all safe.

"And I realize that's what's important. But I've never seen anything like this in my life."


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