General election voters guide for Muskego mayor

March 10, 2014

Editor's Note: Candidates were asked to limit responses to 100 words.


Age: 59

Address: W19857 Holly Patch Court

Years in community: 31

Employer/occupation: Muskego mayor

Education: 1972 Pulaski High School graduate

Political history: Muskego mayor (2011-present); Waukesha County supervisor (2010-2011); District 5 alderman (1998-2001); formerly on Muskego Community Development Authority

Community involvement: Janesville Road Streetscaping Committee; Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce; Muskego Woman's Club

Family: husband Clark; daughter Melanie, 40; son Tony, 30

Contact: (262) 679-3518;

What is the biggest challenge facing Muskego and how would you address it?

While the city is in good fiscal health and we are welcoming many new businesses growing our tax base, it pains me to say that the biggest issue we are facing today is heroin addiction and the losses we've experienced. After holding an initial meeting with representatives from the Police Department, school district and county, I am gathering local organizations and all interested parties to address this issue for a community-wide ongoing awareness program. This is a great community that cares. I know it will come together to achieve positive results that I will help foster.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

Three years ago, I asked for the community's support and promised to continue the city's sound fiscal policy and quality growth. I've kept that promise. During my term, taxpayers saw a nearly flat levy with all three budgets below the state authorized levy limit. I led our city through the high value reconstruction of Janesville Road that's defined our downtown, reignited community pride and attracted new business. And last year, the city was ranked No. 1 for Best City for Young Families by Nerd Wallet. Going forward, it's important to keep the momentum of quality development through experience and vision.


Age: 50

Address: W17945 Muskego Drive

Years in community: 14

Employer/occupation: business owner and small business adviser

Education: marketing degree, Lakeshore Technical College, Cleveland, WI

Political history: mayoral candidate in 2011 election

Community involvement: president of Muskego Shores Community Association for 10 years; advisory board for Business Marketing and Expansion group; fundraising for Muskego Warriors; volunteer time helping seniors with chores; Muskego Moose member

Family: fiancée Kathy, and son Jacob, 18

Contact: email; website

What is the biggest challenge facing Muskego and how would you address it?

The rampant increase of drug-related issues in is not an issue exclusive to our city; however it is our responsibility to take action. This is the most important issue that affects and impacts the real future of our families, community and reputation. A strong unified community coupled with financial responsibility will naturally foster greater economic development. A strong community takes on difficult and uncomfortable issues that affect the whole community. I will lead a coordinated effort to ensure Muskego does not become another statistic, like so many other communities have.

What are the best reasons for people to vote for you?

I will lead a coordinated effort (with city, law enforcement, School Board, residents and additional resources available to us) to tackle the drug issues in the community. I will build community through ongoing interaction and dialog with taxpayers, residents, businesses, organizations and elected officials. I will be financially responsible with our tax dollars. I will support and promote current and future business. I will work to find solutions to do more for less. Most importantly I will listen — to taxpayers, residents, businesses, organizations and elected officials — to enhance the city.


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