Muskego aldermen make moves to kill lake park

May 1, 2012

Muskego - Even though owners of the two properties have withdrawn offers to sell, apparently killing a controversial plan to create a park on Little Muskego Lake, residents opposing the park plan are watching to be sure that lake access involving the properties is wiped off Muskego's 2020 Comprehensive Plan.

About 20 people attended last week's Common Council meeting where that process was to get started. They saw the council vote to have the staff come back with proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan that could possibly remove notations about a lake park.

But opponents were uneasy about that word "possibly." They didn't want any doubt about the recommendation being dropped.

The council ran into another difficulty because the Comprehensive Plan recommends two sites for a lake park. One is the controversial site, but the other is on Lannon Drive.

In the end, the council agreed with Rob Glazier, Community Development Authority chairman, who said, "I think the spirit is to remove the two properties in the lake plan."

The council also agreed with Alderman Neil Borgman that the lake park recommendation should be removed from the city's parks and open space plan as well. The council voted unanimously to do that last week. Removing recommendations from the Comprehensive plan is more complicated.

The plan is to sell one of the two properties offered for the park, an attorney for the owner has said. The owner of the other property has said he wants to build a mixed residential commercial development on it and on the property next door.


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