New Muskego alderman takes an active role in community

July 9, 2012

Muskego - In the working world and as chairman of Muskego's Community Development Authority, Rob Glazier is all business.

But get Muskego's newest alderman talking about what he loves, and he will tell you about skateboarding.

"It's one of the funnest things I've ever done," said Glazier, who acknowledges that he doesn't get out to the skate park much anymore, "but once in a while I can still go out and ride."

An active role

Now Glazier will begin a different ride. Out of a field of four candidates, the Common Council chose him to fill the unexpired term of Keith Werner as 4th District alderman.

Although Glazier already has a demanding job managing a team that finds ways to drive growth for the health care units of Walgreens, Glazier said he firmly believes in serving the community.

"I believe all citizens ought to be engaged," he said, whether it involves serving on a local board, helping to plant trees or picking up trash in the park. "If everybody does a little bit, the community is better for it."

He will continue on the CDA, taking Werner's place on that body, though not necessarily as its chairman.

Glazier, who also keeps busy as a husband, father and Cub Scout leader, acknowledged he has a lot on his plate.

"But it's time management and people would be surprised. If they tried, I think they would realize they do have time to do these kinds of things," he said.

Particular priorities

After he gets his bearings on the council, Glazier said his first priority will be to assess how the current Janesville Road widening project will affect businesses now and in the future.

The city must take every opportunity to help businesses survive the project and capitalize on the new road to attract more businesses, he said.

Glazier also plans to start speaking with District 4 residents to get a better idea of what is important to them.

"That will help shape my priorities," he said.

As he gains better understanding of the desires of the 4th District, Glazier said he would like to run for a full term next April.

The lake park issue

District 4 is basically the southern half of the shore of Little Muskego Lake and south in a funnel-like shape that is bordered by Racine Avenue and Lannon Road to Woods Road.

Glazier acknowledged that he lives on the lake and, like many lake residents, was against the latest incarnation of a proposed park along Little Muskego Lake. His predecessor was a strong proponent of the park.

"I'm not necessarily against a park on the lake," Glazier said, but he adds that when it comes to a park or anything else that could threaten the watershed or water quality, he will take a cautious approach on those projects.

"As a community, we say our lakes are our identity - they are jewels and we need to protect them," he said.

What was sad about the lake park controversy was that discussion devolved into pitting lake residents against everyone else, he said - which was too bad, because there were plenty of issues to talk about.

- Jane Ford-Stewart


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