News & Notes: July 23

July 23, 2012

Senior taxi service rolls into the black

Muskego - Once again, Muskego's senior taxi service will be able to finish the year in the black with the help of $5,000 from the city on top of thousands of dollars from local businesses and community groups and a subsidy by Waukesha County.

The Muskego Common Council recently approved the $5,000 contribution from funds left over from tax incremental financing districts that have met their goals and are now closed.

While the city has provided funding from closed TIFs almost every year since 2008, Alderman Dan Soltysiak called for the city to set up a separate fund that could be budgeted to meet such expenses in the future.

Those dollars could be used to provide emergency funding for groups that provide community services and get into a bind. By the time they come to the city they would likely find that every city dollar is already spoken for, Soltysiak said.

That suggestion will be discussed soon during budget development for next year.

Glazier to stay as CDA chairman

Muskego - Rob Glazier, who was recently appointed a Muskego alderman, will continue as chairman of the city Community Development Authority.

The CDA decided last week it would not appoint a new chairman.

Although the CDA chairman is normally not an alderman, the CDA had no concerns about Glazier continuing as chairman.

CDA establishes redevelopment district

Muskego - A portion of the east side of Racine Avenue is Muskego's newest redevelopment district.

The Community Development Authority last week established the Mill Valley Redevelopment District 4, which extends from the city limits at College Avenue south past Tans Drive almost to Lembezeder Drive. It also includes a few properties on the west side of Racine Avenue.

In response to a public hearing, the CDA added specific protection for a stream through the area that is part of the headwaters of Little Muskego Lake. The development plan calls for special care to preserve the stream corridor from any disruption from buildings or roads that are constructed.

The Muskego Common Council was expected to approve a resolution Tuesday which says the area needs to be redeveloped so that current and future businesses can qualify for city grants and loans.

School district introduces online registration

Muskego - The Muskego-Norway School District will launch online registration for parents this summer.

Parents will no longer have to fill out separate packets of information for each child, and they will be able to complete school registration at their convenience, doing everything - register, file forms and pay registration fees - online that they normally would do by coming to form-and-fee days held by each school.

They can also put money into lunch accounts, which was introduced as an online service last year.

The district will provide help with online registration if parents go to and click "Parent Links."

Parents who don't want to do online registration will be asked to fill out the electronic registration form when they come to form-and-fee day, and parents of students new to the district should contact the Educational Services Center at (262) 971-1800 for enrollment information.

The school will notify parents when the registration process begins. The district website will also be updated with the start dates for registration for each building in early August.

The online registration is not for registering for classes.


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