Petition gathers 3,400 signatures asking for lake park referendum

Jan. 30, 2012

Opponents of a proposed park on two Little Muskego Lake today turned in a petition they said was signed by more than 3,400 people demanding a referendum on the plan.

The number of signatures is far more than the organizers' target of 2,100 to have their direct legislation petition considered by the Muskego Common Council.

The next step is for the Muskego Clerk's Office to verify the signatures, said Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti. Under state law, the clerk has 15 days to do that, she said. Given the amount of other work the clerk's office has to do at the moment, Chiaverotti said she would be surprised if the signatures could be verified much before that deadline.

Once the signatures have been verified, city officials will consult with the city's attorney about the next step, she said, withholding any additional comments.

The proposed park would be on the southern shore of Little Muskego Lake on the north side of Janesville Road north of Pioneer Drive. Both property owners have asked the city to buy their homes for a total of $3.5 million.


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