Snead moving on, calls for civility in Muskego

April 15, 2012

Muskego - In a farewell to the Muskego Common Council last week, Alderwoman Tracy Snead called for healing in the community after an unprecedented amount of negativity engulfed all three aldermanic races leading up to the spring election.

That negativity came not necessarily from the candidates themselves but from groups supporting various candidates. The underlying issue was the controversial lake park proposal that brought tempers on both sides to the boiling point.

"In 16 years, I've never seen Muskego the way it is now. It's very disheartening," said Snead, who lost in her bid for re-election.

"I want to encourage people to play fair," she said. "We can disagree, but we can do it with integrity and civility. … This is a great place to live and I'd like to see it kind of get back to that. Please, please, please, let's pull it together."

That sentiment was echoed by Alderman Dan Soltysiak on election night after he was returned for a second term. He was on the opposite side from Snead on the park issue, but he, too, was a target.

"I hope we can all work together to bring emotions down. They are hot in the community right now… . We need to work all sides, all groups so we can collaborate with each other to make Muskego a better place," he said.

Snead who served on the council for six years lost in a lopsided election and commented, "I was hoping it would be a closer race, but there was so much garbage out there," she said of the negativity surrounding all the campaigns.

"But I'm not bitter," as some bloggers have suggested, Snead said. "I'm not even disappointed."

She said she is already moving on. Last week she joined the Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, although she is a teacher.

"I can find ways to serve and new adventures," Snead said. "I can still do fun things and work with business because I believe in business."

Snead also said it is satisfying to look back on accomplishments over the past six years.

"The consolidation of the fire departments, the restructuring of government, keeping taxes down and services up," Snead said.


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