Thanks to good Samaritans for helping with wheelchair

Aug. 21, 2012

Public Forum:

Guy and I live at Tudor Oaks because he had a stroke 10 years ago, and he became paralyzed on his left side. We have a safety net, residing there.

Our granddaughter was visiting from Florida with her one year old, so we checked out Bluhm Park next door for a morning of fun with them. It was Saturday, Aug. 4, and, because it was warm, there was no one at the park.

We have a traveler wheelchair for Guy, so we put him under a tree near our car so he could observe the playtime on the swing. Our granddaughter was with Guy, and I was pushing the baby when I heard a crash.

Guy fell over backward in his wheelchair. We tried to get him up, but, at 6-foot 2-inches and 225 pounds, it was too hard. I thought I would sit on the wheelchair, get him in front of it, and pull him up with my granddaughter's help. The wheelchair tipped over, so that idea didn't work.

We decided to put the wheelchair against the tree, move him in front of it, and try again. Too hard.

Just then, a black Cadillac drove up. Two muscular college-age men got out of the car and asked if they could help. (One had on a Cardinal Stritch T-shirt, so that is why we surmised their age). They had been driving down McShane, saw our predicament, and, rather than just drive by as strangers, they came.

Up went Guy into the wheelchair, and we put him in the car.

Do I believe in miracles? You bet I do.

So, if any of you run into two young men driving a black Cadillac, be sure you thank them. They are true angels.

Louise Osborn



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