For Glenn Kozicki, coaching Muskego youth baseball is a family matter

Local coach hits 500-game mark

Aug. 25, 2014

A few years ago, the Muskego Storm youth baseball program had two teams and 24 players.

When the presidents of the Muskego Storm decided to cut the program in half, they found out how valuable it was to have Glenn Kozicki on the staff because he turned out to be a stabilizing force that the parents and players needed at a time of turmoil.

"He turned what could have been a very difficult situation into a positive, and that team went on to do really good things," said Paul Pierdon, vice president of the Muskego Storm.

Kozicki has been a fixture on the Muskego youth baseball scene for 21 years, and he recently coached his 500th game.

Won 13 crowns

He helped coach his teams to 13 championships and helped 10 pitchers reach the varsity high school level.

Recently, Kozicki coached with his two sons with the Muskego Storm.

"The fun part for me is that coaching has become part of the family," he said. "The last few years we coached the Muskego Storm, and my two sons helped. My youngest son is also a coach."

The oldest son, Adam, is taking over the coaching job at the Storm next year, in part thanks to the confidence the Storm has in his father. Kozicki's son-in-law is also a coach in Mequon.

Kozicki began his coaching career in Muskego back when his son and daughter were just starting to play. He stayed on the Muskego Athletic Association for seven years as a coach before moving on to direct select teams.

At the select level, he coached the Muskego Fire for five years, the Muskego Wolves for six years and finally the Muskego Storm for two years.

Teaches life lessons

Kozicki is a hands-on coach that tries to do more than just teach the players the sport.

"He's all about his players in developing them, not in just the sport that he is coaching them and the fundamentals, but more importantly he teaches the game and how it relates to life," said Carlos Chavira, who has coached with Kozicki for 10 years. "So, it's more than just the sport itself."

The Storm is a non-parent coached team, which Kozicki said helps with the perception that the coaches are more objective and not playing favorites with the players. Kozicki and his sons do not always see eye-to-eye on coaching decisions, but that has become part of the fun.

"With (my sons) it is just great because we don't always agree on things, but we have good discussions about the decisions," said Kozicki. "It's just kind of fun. We take that and bring it home and discuss it too. It's been a lot of fun seeing them develop as coaches and seeing how they interact with the kids."

After 21 years and 500 games as a coach, Kozicki has decided to let the next generation take over the coaching responsibilities.

"I'm going into retirement, so I'm going to let my sons run with it now," Kozicki said.

However, Kozicki is not going to completely disappear from the Muskego baseball scene. Pierdon said Kozicki stopped by the tryouts a couple of weeks ago just to see how things were going.




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