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Acres of Hope and Aspirations Celebrates 4 Years of Brain Injury Prevention and Rehab

May 1, 2014

Acres of Hope and Aspirations located in Muskego will celebrate 4 years of brain injury prevention and rehab services in May. Acres of Hope and Aspirations is an award winning rehab home/farm where Healing is truly Nurtured by Nature that features Gardens of Hope and Creatures of Rehab. Creatures of Rehab include fur, feather and reptile friends. The animals assist in rehab, love and support and the gardens provide serenity, comfort and warmth to all who enter the grounds. Located in Muskego, WI, the rehab farm provide hope and healing in extraordinary ways and specializes in rehab nursing and recovery of veterans and people affected by brain injury and animals with special needs. The mission of this 501 c 3 tax exempt organization is to promote prevention/wellness, hope and resources to people affected by brain injuries in order to provide enhanced outcomes and opportunities. The vision is to foster a "Nurtured by Nature" healing process through the use of animals at "Creatures of Rehab" and the use of therapeutic environments "Gardens of Hope" and to integrate their relationships.

Brain injury occurs in every walk of life. Prevention is the only true cure of this silent epidemic that changes, alters, or takes a life every 19 seconds. Brain injury is one of the most costly medical diagnosis to deal with in the healthcare arena since often it is a life time diagnosis that leaves many with permanent cognitive, physical, emotional, neurobehavioral, social and financial deficits. Brain injury is the signature war wound of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. More and more people are affected by concussions and mild brain injury and more and more people are living with the lifelong effects of severe brain injury.

The medical and nursing care of an individual with a severe brain injury is often too much for families to bear. Much of the burden of the financial deficit from permanent brain injury often relies on public funding such as Medicaid and Medicare and become tax payer liabilities. With the rising cost of healthcare, any opportunity to bring awareness of brain injury is so important. Anyone is one accident away from a brain injury. Bringing awareness to a possible brain injury is critical to prevention, especially with sports and recreational activities. Education of protecting the head is a crucial key component in the lifestyle commitment of prevention.

Acres truly stands for (A)bilities, (C)haracter, (R)estoration, (E)mpowerment & (S)trength which are goals to help improve rehab outcomes at this facility. Creative rehab efforts are utilized to help people restore independent functioning, reach maximum potential and return to work, community and assistive living. Rehab is supported through the use of Creatures of Rehab. The Creatures of Rehab free roam inside the Gardens of Hope and are creative cognitive, interactive and vocational teaching tools. Acres of Hope and Aspirations participates in many veteran, community, school, church, Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H, nursing homes and other events to bring awareness to brain injuries with help from the Creatures of Rehab to bring understanding of brain injury awareness, prevention and differences. Some of the Creatures of Rehab themselves have disabilities to aide with the recovery process and acceptance of differences and disability. For instance, Queenie, a blind pony is led around the grounds by a seeing-eye potbellied pig named Batman. One of farm motto's includes "Restoration of Abilities and Achievements Makes One Proud as Peacocks" to be proud of any small accomplishments in rehabilitation and is further demonstrated at the rehab farm with their great room decorated in the beautiful teals, blues and greens of peacock vibrant colors but also the rehab farm has 6 live peacocks.

In 2012, Acres of Hope and Aspirations was the recipient of the Community Service Award by the Wisconsin Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (WARN) and honored with a Community Education and Prevention Award by the Brain Injury Association of WI. Acres of Hope and Aspirations previously won a Healthcare Hero Award for Corporate Achievement by BizTimes in 2010. Acres of Hope and Aspirations was started in 2010 by a rehab nurse, Lisa K. Alberte, RN, BSN, CCM, MS, CRC, ABDA who is Director of Nursing/Rehab and was previously a Healthcare Hero for Community Service in 2006; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Nurse of the Year in 2008; and won a Case in Point Award in Washington D.C. in 2010; and Individual Advocacy Award recipient in 2004 by Brain Injury Association of WI. Ms. Alberte was raised on country sunshine on a rural farm in Chaseburg, WI and with her country roots and nurturing wings she developed Acres of Hope and Aspirations to make a difference to so many people who need it and to educate so many people about brain injury and prevention.

There is no place like home for people affected by brain injury that need support, advocacy and acceptance and Acres of Hope and Aspirations offers just that and more. Consider reaching out to Acres of Hope and Aspirations Charitable Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c) (3) tax exempt charitable entity and sponsoring a Creature of Rehab with a monetary tax deductible donation to cover food, vet bills, etc. Acres of Hope and Aspirations relies on private donations and volunteers. Volunteer opportunities and community service hours exist all year. For more information, to volunteer and/or to donate, refer to the website for ongoing needs/wish list of the Creatures of Rehab, www.acresofhopeandaspirations.org or email acreshope@yahoo.com or call 414-422-4882 or find us on Facebook: Acres of hope and aspirations. Acres of Hope and Aspirations can bring Creatures of Rehab to schools and community events to provide education, inspiration, and fun to everyone involved. Appointments to tour the grounds at Acres of Hope and Aspirations must be per-arranged due to patient confidentiality treatment issues and HIPAA.

Every donation shares in the opportunity to make a difference. A list is provided of things that are needed on a monthly basis at the rehab home/farm. Please consider sharing in the opportunity to make a difference by donating items or consider having the Creatures of Rehab do an educational program at your facility or company. Please protect your head in everything you do and make sure your children have and wear their helmets, a gift that keeps on giving.

Hay Dog food Paper towels Horse supplies Turtle/tortoise food
Straw Cat food Rabbit pellets Cat litter Cleaning supplies
Brushes Work gloves Parrot seed Finch seed Kleenex tissues
Rakes Laundry soap Scratch grains Pet toys Pet carriers & cages Napkins Pet dishes Pet gates Pails Pet pillows/beds
Shovels Dish soap Toilet paper Vinegar Cracked corn
Stamps Batteries Garbage bags Ziploc bags Towels & blankets
Bleach Mops Wood chips DVDs Cedar bedding chips Pine Sole
Envelopes Brooms Copy Paper Reynold’s Wrap Plastic cling wrap
Tape Garden stones Wheel barrows Laundry baskets Trash cans
Rakes Picture frames Notepaper Cleaning wipes Markers
Leashes Pig pellets Gas cards Ropes Peacock accessories
Light bulbs Heat lamps Storage bins White/blue Christmas lights

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